Valentine’s Day at Le Monastère des Augustines

February 1, 2019

Although it is often viewed as a materialistic event, Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to show your love to those close to you and yourself. This day, which encourages us to express our love through gifts or kind messages, is also an opportunity to spend quality time with a loved one and find time to express love for each other. As we approach Valentine’s Day, here are 4 activities we offer to celebrate love through wellness and in a sustainable perspective.

Rejuvenate through yoga and meditation

Do you know about our daily “Movement and Wellness Activities”? Discover our Vitality and Revitalize series, available at noon and in the evening respectively; these activities take place in the enchanting setting of the monastery, located in the heart of Québec City. Depending on the day you participate in an activity, you will experience yoga and meditation or Qi Gong and Tai Chi. It’s a gift that will cultivate serenity and peace while regenerating your body.


Experience an exciting culinary adventure

Savour fanciful, contemporary health cuisine inspired by our northern, boreal culinary tradition. Our six-course dinner meal is offered Tuesday through Saturday. The menu includes tasty dishes featuring local and organic foods that will allow you to discover a range of new and surprising flavours.

Would you rather try this out during lunch? Enjoy our table d’hôte lunch and take advantage of serve-yourself access to our delicious soup of the day and a variety of healthy salads. You can then choose one of our three daily dishes offered (fish, meat or vegetarian/vegan dishes). It’s a treat that will stimulate all your senses!

Chef Sylvestre Hervieux-Pinette unveils unique evening meal creations, influenced by his indigenous roots.


Let us take care of you

Did you know that Le Monastère provides a wide range of holistic health consultations? From Relaxing Massage to Aromatic Massage and Invigorating Facial Massage, there are many options and treatments available in an environment that is both inspiring and peaceful. These treatments release tension from your body, provide you with improved flexibility, and give you better balance.

Find yourself

Opportunities to reconnect with yourself or with others may seem rare. Your days are busy, or you may experience difficulty getting away from school. There is an abundance of reasons making it difficult to connect with yourself or your partner. Treat yourself to a stay to Le Monastère des Augustines to give yourself a healthy break and enjoy an experience when time stands still.

Enjoy your visit to Le Monastère des Augustines to see our museum, which is steeped in almost four centuries of history. It is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Guests dining in the restaurant or visiting for specialized treatment or daily activities get two hours of free parking in Le Monastère’s parking lot. The monastery is also easily accessible via public transport.