A career at Le Monastère des Augustines

There’s nothing ordinary about working at Le Monastère. Today, it’s your turn to be part of the team and bring your unique skills to continue a fascinating story that began in 1639.

A job full of meaning and joy

While the rich history and simplicity of the site may initially charm people, the enthusiasm of our staff shines through every day. Our NPO offers an inspiring, stimulating and challenging work. As a leader in sustainable tourism as well as the cultural and wellness sectors, we need people motivated by innovation to continue to flourish.

Our employees are proud to contribute to a unique cultural and social mission focused on heritage and well-being. You, too, can choose to work at Le Monastère and contribute to a cause greater than yourself! In doing so, you’ll be a part of an exceptional story that began nearly four centuries ago with the arrival of the Augustinian Sisters in New France.

An organization dedicated to health

Le Monastère des Augustines has been designated a Healthy Enterprise (Level 2) by the Groupe entreprises en santé. This certification demonstrates our commitment to the health and well-being of our employees. It attests to our dedication to improving the overall health of the people who are at the heart of Le Monastère and our vision for a sound organizational performance. Rest assured that we will do our best to care for you if you join our team!

A variety of profiles that take your uniqueness into account

Technical services

Take part in the management and maintenance of this ancient yet contemporary building. You’ll use your hands to preserve one of Québec’s most beautiful treasures!

Restaurant services

Are you interested in healthy eating and being a good team player? Whether you work in the kitchen or the service department, we want to hear from you!

Hotel services

Our guests are regularly grateful for the warm welcome they receive in a place that exudes cleanliness. Whether at the reception desk or in housekeeping, come and benefit from continuous gratitude!

Massages and treatments

Tap into your commitment to helping people in a place that has been promoting wellness for centuries. Care for those who need it most—with your hands and with your heart!

Public programs and conservation

Showcase the Augustinians’ heritage and take part in innovative cultural projects for well-being! Our museum, activity program, archives and collections, allow visitors to recharge their batteries at the heart of history.

Social commitment

Help us to care for those who care for others, whether they are caregivers, healthcare providers or companions for the sick. The good you do and the difference you make in their lives will be rewarding!

Event planning

Are you as good at logistics as you are at interpersonal skills? Come and support event organizers as they hold their activities at Le Monastère. Your know-how and interpersonal skills will make their experience a memorable one! 


Your creativity will be put to work across all our departments, helping them to reach their fullest potential. Use your communication skills to help spread the word about Le Monastère’s exceptional experience.

Le Monastère’s values


Le Monastère is a place of welcome and openness to the world, where everyone is dedicated to friendship, tolerance and generosity. Here, we are committed to making every guest’s experience unforgettable—without expecting anything in return.


Respect is a sincere consideration for all people, which leads us to treat them with consideration, esteem, politeness and humility. It is one of Le Monastère’s fundamental values.


Benevolence is the ability to be indulgent, kind, considerate and understanding. Caring for others is a priority at Le Monastère, as it has always been for the Augustinian Sisters.


Putting one’s individuality at the service of a common cause offers the beneficial feeling of participating in something greater than oneself. A value that will undoubtedly give meaning to your work!


Sharing is lived out daily in friendship, solidarity, mutual aid and concern for others. It calls on the notion of community, a privileged way of life at Le Monastère, just as it does for the Augustinian Sisters.

“Together, let’s keep the past alive, take part in today’s Monastère with benevolence, and innovate for tomorrow with pride.”

Motto Le Monastère’s employees

Available positions

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Many people are looking for a place that will help them grow both personally and professionally. With Le Monastère, embark on a life-changing career! Come and discover our organization’s environment, values and culture as an employer. We also welcome spontaneous applications!

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