Sleeping in a monastery

Your room awaits you in the ancient wings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, which dates back to the 17th century.

Much more than a hotel

Staying in our haven of peace is more than just sleeping in a historic monastery. It is like staying in a museum that pays tribute to time. We offer a rejuvenating experience of self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Let yourself be inspired by the Augustinian Sisters’ heritage and our holistic health offer!

Two room types

The former Augustine cloister has been restored for your comfort—but it has lost none of its soothing character. Our comfortable rooms are located in a setting conducive to relaxation.

Authentic rooms

These former Augustinian rooms have been converted to modern standards while retaining their charm of bygone eras.

Contemporary rooms

These rooms were built during the restoration of Le Monastère and in perfect harmony with the heritage character of the site.

Try the complete experience

Choose a wellness stay at Le Monastère that aligns with your interests and your current state of well-being. You can experience this individual retreat in silence or not, solo or with someone else. The choice is yours!

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Beyond staying in a monastery

Eat healthy at the Vivoir

Enjoy a massage lavished with care and attention

Participate in our culture and wellness activities

Join the daily meditative walk or gentle yoga session

Visit our museum and discover the Augustinian legacy

Contribute to our cultural and social mission with your stay

Encourage a location that holds the highest distinctions for sustainable development

“My time there combined respite, learning and a phenomenal geographic location. The room was comfortable, clean and affordable. The wellness activities, yoga and meditative walking made my stay even more special.”

Jordan Peterson According to his Google review

Treat yourself to a group retreat

Le Monastère welcomes many retreat organizers who wish to contribute to people’s well-being. A moment for people to share together!