Respite for healthcare providers

Do you work in the healthcare, social services or community sectors? Take advantage of a resourcing program at Le Monastère des Augustines.

Important note

  • Reservations for this type of stay must be made by telephone at 1 844 694-1639 (toll-free). When booking by phone, you must mention that you wish to take advantage of this type of stay. Otherwise, we won’t be able to offer you the solidarity rate. 
  • When you arrive at Le Monastère, you must show proof of employment to our receptionists in order to obtain the solidarity rate. Acceptable proof of employment is a record of employment or an employee card with photo ID. 
  • For companions sharing a room with the healthcare provider during his or her stay, the rate is $179 + taxes per night, including lodging, two meals, a visit to the museum and access to the movement and wellness activities. 
  • The upgrade fee for a contemporary room is $55 + tax per night until April 31st, 2024. 
  • Maximum 2 nights per healthcare provider.

“I let myself be immersed in the calm and beauty (…). Although you didn’t know me, I imagined you carrying me, supporting me, and helping me pursue my social work mission. I hold this experience in my heart and at my bedside as a source of strength and healing.”

Saleema Hutchison Social worker who benefited from a solidarity stay at Le Monastère

Other types of respite for healthcare providers

Thank you to these organizations who make these stays possible

Make a donation

Support our social mission by making a donation to the Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines, which financially supports the Monastère’s respite program for healthcare providers.


Le Monastère and research

In addition to our historical research, Le Monastère is committed to demonstrating the impact of heritage on the well-being of its visitors, notably as part of an evaluative study. Find out more about current research at Le Monastère!

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