Our services for caregivers

Le Monastère offers a variety of services to caregivers to help them preserve their health, well-being and life balance. Our services are designed for caregivers of seniors, adults and children who offer a continuous and significant presence of at least 10 hours a week to the person being cared for.

Let’s experience caregiving—together

Caring for others has always been part of the Augustinian way of life. The same is true for caregivers who give of themselves without counting their hours. That’s why they play such an important role in Le Monastère’s mission. We offer caregivers respite and the opportunity to exchange with people living a similar reality. We hope to support them at every stage of their journey, from self-awareness to post-aid.

Our non-denominational approach links a heritage dedicated to the “art of caring” with many holistic health practices. It’s a unique concept that brings many benefits, such as the feeling of being listened to, recognized and belonging to a community. We hope to breathe new life into the caregiver’s commitment to the person being cared for!

If you have any questions about our services for caregivers, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Write to us at prochesaidants@monastere.ca or contact us at 1 844 694-1639 #3351.

Feel-good activities

Le Monastère offers a program entirely devoted to caregivers. Whether on-site or virtual, these activities are designed to help caregivers feel better. These include:

  • Sharing community
  • Support groups
  • Creative workshops
  • Days dedicated to relaxation
  • Etc.

Respite at Le Monastère

“I leave with a feeling of inner peace. I feel heard and understood in what I’m going through. I loved listening to the other caregivers, such beautiful women. I feel less alone. I feel like carrying on. I’m grateful for what I’ve received.”

Anonymous Caregiver who benefited from the program

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A broad mission

Discover Le Monastère’s mission. The Augustinians’ heritage continues at the heart of services for the well-being of caregivers, carers and those accompanying the sick.

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Your support makes a difference

Every donation to the Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines enables Le Monastère to pursue its mission. Thanks to you, many people have access to the Augustinians’ legacy. Thank you for your generosity!

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