A Mother-Daughter Wellness Retreat at Le Monastère des Augustines

March 25, 2019

With Mother’s Day approaching, are you looking for a great way to spend quality mother-daughter time? Here is a suggestion that is both original and memorable: a mother-daughter retreat in an enchanting location at the heart of Old Quebec. A true adventure awaits at Le Monastère des Augustines, a nearly four-centuries-old haven of peace whose Zen ambiance and incredible beauty are sure to charm you.

Enjoy the present moment

Le Monastère is a place where time stops, a space which promotes living in the present moment. At Le Monastère, time is yours to do with it whatever you please. Take a relaxing walk through the establishment’s different sections and discover traditional 17th-century European architecture, which coexists in harmony with contemporary additions. Treat yourself to a massage among our wide variety of treatments, taking full advantage of the experience to relax and decompress. Learn about the inspiring story of the Augustinian Sisters by exploring our museum, and savour a healthy meal at our restaurant in full consciousness.

Cultivate inner peace

Achieving inner peace is a true quest, and Le Monastère is the ideal place to work on finding it. Our packages promote renewal through exploring a multitude of practices that will help you regain your balance. Dive deep into the heart of your being by partaking in our daily movement and wellness activities, including meditation and yoga. Take the time to rest in an environment that promotes relaxation, where comfort meets simplicity. Enhance your stay with a personalized holistic health consultation to guide you on your path to wellness. Connect with nature by strolling through the sisters’ garden or the Square Courtyard.

Reconnect with what is essential

At Le Monastère, we offer guests the possibility to disconnect from technology. You won’t find televisions or telephones in our rooms. We also provide the option to leave your cell phone at Le Monastère’s reception, or to put it in a “sleeper”—a small wool pouch knit by one of our employees, which you can take into your room and use to give your phone a much-needed rest. Disconnecting from technology can help you reconnect with your aspirations, wants, needs, or the loved one who is accompanying you through this authentic and unique renewal experience.