A Spring Retreat at Le Monastère

March 26, 2021

Springtime is often synonymous with renewal and is a pivotal time for some. It is an opportunity to start over, inspired by the awakening nature and warm weather. Spending more time enjoying the fresh air, taking care of your health and adopting healthy habits are resolutions that this beautiful season helps us make. This spring, why not spend time for your well-being in a setting conducive to relaxation and being with your inner self? Did you know that Le Monastère is the ideal destination for wellness?

Get inspired by our green spaces

Le Monastèreis a peaceful oasis in the heart of Old Québec City. It reconnects you with nature, thanks to its green spaces. Access to the courtyard and the Sisters garden (which is reserved exclusively for our guests ). Wander through these places with it inspiring history to relax and reconnect with nature. In the square courtyard, you will discover plants that were originally grown and used to treat the sick.

Reconnect with yourself

During your stay, you have time to unplug, rest and, above all, reconnect with yourself. It’s a great opportunity to disconnect from your devices in a place without televisions and telephones; the surroundings actually incite you to keep your cellphone off. Replace the time you normally spend reading your newsfeed with a nice meditative walk, group meditation, vitality or revitalize yoga, or even an enchanting concert of Tibetan bowls.

Go further in your relaxation and well-being

Maybe you want to benefit from professional care? Our personalized holistic health stays are specifically designed to help you improve your health and regain your energy. Take advantage of our global health team’s expertise in a calm and beautiful environment, where the health of both the body and mind has been a focus for over 370 years. They will provide personalized support, including tools, advice and a post-visit follow-ups to help you along your wellness journey.  Le Monastère’s holistic health services include a full range of massages, personalized consultations and private sessions for movement and relaxation.

Experience a conscious culinary experience

Le Restaurant at Le Monastère has developed a unique culinary approach based on the principles of conscious eating. It advocates, among other things, kindness and mindfulness before, during and after each meal. Fresh, local and organic foods are on the menu, prepared with originality and melded together based on their known nutritional virtues. To preserve nutrients, we prefer slow cooking and use cold-pressed vegetable oils. From a quiet breakfast to a six-course dinner experience, our meals are prepared with love and kindness for our guests’ health.