Food and Self-Love

February 26, 2019

Our diet is determined largely by our state of being. Our self-perception, past and present, can induce eating behaviours that affect our physiological balance while stripping down our confidence and inner harmony. The body can then become destabilized. However, it is possible to find a way to take care of our health and to learn to love ourselves. For that, I give you this small reflection and some tools to help you nourish a healthy relationship with your diet.

A Path to Follow

By caring for the wounded part and openly accepting our fragility and vulnerability, we are able to make profound, conscious and lasting changes in our habits, diets, lifestyles, lives and attitudes about difficult challenges.

It is by taking this path that we learn to accept and love each other, step by step. We are then increasingly more present and attentive to what lives within us and what motivates us internally. Kindness, meekness and gratitude become the lanterns that illuminate our path to better health, greater vitality and peace of mind.

Self-awareness is a journey with benefits for our well-being.


Listening to Our Bodies

Learning to love ourselves is also learning to eat by listening to and respecting our body, our senses and our spirit. Our relationship with food induces noticeable changes in self-esteem. What is on our plates reflects, in some cases, the fatigue and emotions we experienced during the day. It is by exploring our inner world while taking care of our body that we are able to develop a sense of wholeness, a healthy relationship with food and a growing love for oneself.

Being attentive to oneself makes it possible, among other things, to develop a healthy relationship with one’s diet.


11 Keys to Nurture a Healthy Relationship With Our Diet

To guide you on this path of self-discovery, here are 11 things that I consider important to nourish a healthy relationship with food:

1- Nourish your passions and talents
2- Detach yourself from the media stereotype of the perfect body and acknowledge your own beauty
3- Make peace with your imbalances and imperfections
4- Welcome your insecurities, fears and vulnerability
5- Learn to listen, respect and honour your body
6- Gradually integrate a healthy and conscious diet
8- Combine enjoyment and health on the same plate
9- Sow joy into your everyday life
10- Cultivate gratitude, harmony and serenity
11- Learn to love yourself, love others and love life

Imane Lahlou ND, PhD
Global Health Consultant
Author and Speaker