New Architecture and Fine Arts Themed Tours

May 9, 2019

Le Monastère would like to invite you to experience two new guided tours, one on architecture and another on fine arts. These tours will help you discover the enchanting Le Monastère in a whole new light, and immerse yourself in its history and culture, which is very much alive.

Themed tours about Le Monastère’s architecture

Are you interested in architecture? Le Monastère is a hidden treasure with its 17th century, French-inspired classical architecture; it is one of Old Quebec City’s best-kept secrets! You’ll be surrounded by Le Monastère’s spirit by strolling through the historic wings of the rehabilitated building with a tour guide. Discover the heritage of one of Québec’s oldest conventual complexes. Did you know that Le Monastère’s massive rehabilitation project has won multiple awards and distinctions for architectural design and heritage presentation?

Themed tour on fine arts

If art enchants you, Le Monastère features amazing treasures and wonderful works. Whether you love paintings, silversmith creations or sculptures, you will be fascinated by the kaleidscope of nearly 400 years of Québec religious art history. Did you know that this collection includes works by renowned artists and craftspeople from Québec’s distant past, such as Frère Luc (Claude François), Thomas Baillairgé, Antoine Plamondon, François Ranvoyzé and Médard Bourgault? It also includes works from the Desjardins Fund, which were seized during the French Revolution and sold to religious communities and parishes in Québec.

This tour is available by reservation only, for groups of 8 people minimum.

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