Choose your room type

Discover which type of room best suits your Renewal package. Whether authentic or contemporary, your room will immerse you in simplicity and relaxation—all in a place steeped in nearly four centuries of history!

Authentic rooms

These former Augustinian rooms have been converted to modern standards while retaining their charm of bygone eras.

Contemporary rooms

These rooms were built during the restoration of Le Monastère and in perfect harmony with the heritage character of the site.

“This week has been truly memorable for me. (…) I am eternally grateful to (…) this beautiful and serene place and, of course, to the Augustinian Sisters. I hope to return again and again. I never thought I’d find a place where I’d feel at peace, but I think this may be one of those very special places for me.”

Kristen Ireland Who benefited from a Renewal package

What to do at Le Monastère

Let us take care of you

Whether it’s a massage, a treatment or personalized support, our team contributes to your well-being in a variety of ways.

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Eat local, organic and seasonal food

Le Vivoir restaurant offers healthy, delicious meals. Discover our approach inspired by mindful eating!

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Participate in an activity

Our cultural and wellness program offers a wide range of activities. Check out our calendar to see which ones will take place during your stay!

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Visit our museum

Self-guided or guided tours of our exhibitions will inspire you with the rich heritage of the Augustinians.

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