5 Easily Replaceable Traditional Ingredients

March 7, 2019

Steeped in the values of holistic health, Le Restaurant du Le Monastère des Augustines offers a varied menu that changes with the seasons. In order to offer the best to visitors, some foods have been very carefully replaced or substituted with ingredients known for their nutritional value. Our talented chefs consider the importance of a healthy and complete diet when creating the menus. Here are five ingredients that we have chosen to replace with a food from our “substitute pantry.”

1. Milk

Although commonly used for breakfast or even for desserts, cow’s milk is easily replaceable by milks made from soy, rice, various nuts and even oats. In our kitchens, these “milks” are derived from vegetable matter occupy a very large space. This is particularly the case for coconut milk.

Almond milk is one of the most popular milk substitutes.

2. Cream

Cream is a sacred ingredient in French cuisine and for many, it would certainly seem difficult to replace. But think again! There are plant-based substitutes for cream (similar to milk) such as soy, coconut or rice creams. You will find them in our soups, sauces, desserts and other dishes.

Did you know that coconut cream can be whipped for an absolutely smooth cream?

Like almond milk, cream made from soy easily replaces cream of animal origin.

3. Mayonnaise

The mayonnaise we use is actually vegan mayonnaise. It is entirely plant-based, and is a vegan alternative to traditional “mayo”. It’s easy to find in a grocery store, and recipes are also available on the Internet.

Herbs, such as basil, aromatize very well a vegan mayonnaise.

4. Refined Sugar

Sugar definitely adds richness to cooking. It is a sweet food and sometimes a little too enjoyable. It has long been used for food preservation, but what about its long-term effects on health? At Le Monastère, white sugar takes several new forms. In fact, we use maple syrup, birch syrup, molasses, agar-agar and honey as substitutes. In Le Restaurant du Monastère’s dishes, you will also find fresh fruit, dried fruit and natural juice to replace the refined sugar. At the end of the day, everyone is happy!

Maple syrup is an excellent natural substitute for refined sugar.

5. Flour

Flour is another essential part of cooking, especially in pastry. Here, we opt for locally supplied organic flour. Whole-wheat flour is preferred, yellow pea flour is used in our lunch quiches, gluten-free flour for those with allergies and quinoa flour for gourmet delights!

Quinoa flour can easily be used in many recipes.


This list does not detract from the traditional resources used in cooking. With so much dietary diversity today, it is important to be able to make choices based on our health needs, our environment and the impact we have on the future of food. The important thing will always be to bring a presence and a sense of gratitude to this Earth that feeds us.