Health and Hygiene Measures - COVID-19

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Rooted in centuries
of hospitality

Le Monastère des Augustines bears witness to the lifestyle and social mission of the Augustinian Sisters. Inspired by their fervour and compassion and their devotion to healing body and soul, Le Monastère is carrying the welcome, hospitality, memories and resources of this foundational site into the future.

Over 375 years of health care

In keeping with the work of the Augustinian Sisters, who laid the foundations and developed our healthcare system, Le Monastère wishes to continue to make history and commit to innovative social initiatives in sustainable healthcare.

In an effort to continue the hospital mission of the Augustinian Sisters, Le Monastère helps our guests take a holistic approach to their own health. We offer this through several projects, including those designed for people who care for others.

Caregivers, companions and health and social services workers can take advantage of a stay at Le Monastère that allows them to relax, participate in activities and enjoy resources designed for them and supported by La Fiducie du Patrimoine Culturel des Augustines.

In addition, the cultural and educational programs, the archive centre and the AtticToMuseum’s fee policy are all part of the initiatives aimed at preserving the site’s heritage while making it accessible to the public.