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A mission rooted in centuries of hospitality

Le Monastère des Augustines was born from the Augustinian Sisters’ will to pass down their tangible and intangible heritage to the Quebec population, including their mission and values. Le Monastère’s cultural and social mission serves as a memory of the Augustinian Sisters’ work, while helping to preserve and share it. By extension, the role of the Museum, archives centre, museum reserve, events, hotel, and all Le Monastère’s services is to honour their hundreds years of history and carry on their mission.

Our social commitment: caring for those who care for others

With continuity in mind, Le Monastère supports those who devote themselves to the community and their loved ones—such as natural caregivers, companions of sick persons, nurses, and workers and managers from the health, social service, community, and education sectors—through its social commitment program.

Since its conversion in 2015, Le Monastère has become an unprecedented space for rest, sharing, reflecting, and inspiration for different categories of people who enhance the human experience in a contemporary way.

A unique approach

The resourcing approach Le Monastère’s unique renewal approach is based on research and experimentation work that has helped us translate and adapt the Augustinian Sisters’ values and skills to the current day. It distinguishes itself through dynamic interrelations between history, prevention, and holistic health. The services offered are varied and suited to each person’s needs:

  • Individual and group respite stays;
  • Personalized day-long renewal retreats for organizations;
  • Series of experiential workshops involving different disciplines and tools: art therapy, music therapy, social museology, in person or virtually;
  • Virtual or in-person support groups on different themes like grieving, self- compassion, and expression through creation;
  • Active listening or psychosocial intervention.
  • Sharing community.

Discover our social engagement program services and activities

Le Monastère takes care of those who care for others.


Services for natural caregivers

Le Monastère supports the preservation of caregivers’ health, wellness, and life balance. If you take care of a loved one, find out more on what we can offer.


Accomodation for companions of sick persons

Is one of your loved ones being hospitalized at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec or another establishment in the health network, and you’d like to accompany them? Le Monastère offers accommodation at a modest price to people accompanying sick persons from remote areas


Respite for health workers

Le Monastère is delighted to express its gratitude by offering hospitality to health, social service, and community workers, considered the natural heirs of the Augustinian Sisters.


Retreats for teachers and education workers

In recognition of their commitment toward the younger generation, Le Monastère offers a moment of relaxation to elementary and secondary school teachers, as well as early childhood educators.

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