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Our sister organizations

The historic Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery site is home to three sister-institutions created by the Augustinian Sisters: Le Monastère des Augustines, the Centre Catherine-de-Saint-Augustin and La Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines. The sisters continue to live in the building’s Saint-Augustin wing.

Augustinian sisters

The Augustinian Sisters of the Mercy of Jesus have been devoted to caring for body and soul since 1639. In so doing, they laid the foundation of the province’s healthcare system.

The sisters actively contributed to healthcare as the owners and managers of hospitals, and as nurses and pharmacists. As such, they also contributed to the economic development of the regions where they worked.

Confronted with their community’s decline in numbers, the Augustinian Sisters made the choice to hand on their valuable heritage to the public. For this reason, they created a social trust to which they transferred ownership of their founding monastery, as well as the collections and archives of their 12 monastery hospitals.

It is through this generous legacy that Le Monastère des Augustines has come to life.

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La Fiducie du patrimoine
culturel des Augustines

The mission of La Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines is to preserve and share the heritage and memory of the Augustinian Sisters of Quebec for the benefit of the entire population and for generations to come.

Created on October 1, 2009, by the Fédération des monastères des Augustines, this social trust has charitable status, protects the Augustinian Sisters’ intentions and makes the public the principal beneficiary of their legacy.

The Fiducie owns the buildings and grounds and contributes financially to the operations of the two other sister NPO’s: Le Monastère des Augustines and the Centre Catherine-de-Saint-Augustin. In collaboration with these two organizations, the Fiducie also sets the principle directions.

In keeping with the Augustinian Sisters’ hospital mission, the Fiducie supports a respite program that offers caregivers and persons accompanying hospital patients the opportunity to stay at Le Monastère des Augustines for minimal cost.

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The Centre Catherine-

The Centre Catherine-de-Saint-Augustin is a place of spirituality, commemoration and pilgrimage dedicated to this Augustinian Sister from the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1989.

The Centre, which first opened in 1985 and still operates under the sisters’ responsibility, is located in the church.

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