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Press review

Wander magazine May 26th 2022

Food for thought

Radio-Canada (Téléjournal Québec) May 24th 2022

Les Augustines, soutien du personnel soignant et des enseignants

Verified News Explorer Network May 10th 2022

Spend the night at these out-of-the-ordinary places

La Presse April 29th 2022

Un moment juste pour maman

Magazine Mieux-Être April 28th 2022

Cultiver le prendre soin

Le blogue de Joanne Boivin April 24th 2022

Quelques heures hors du temps !

Chronicle Telegraph March 30th 2022

Le Monastère opens Le Vivoir, a haven for body and soul

The Toronto Star March 15th 2022

A living history

La Presse January 15th 2022

Le voyage intérieur

Budget Travel January 12th 2022

Three-Day Weekend: Quebec City

Justin + Lauren Adventure & Kind travel January 7th 2022

Le Monastere des Augustines: Quebec Monastery Turned Wellness Centre

Radio-Canada Ohdio December 29th 2021

Chronique radio Va jouer dehors

Le Devoir December 24th 2021

Cap sur le ressourcement!

Jetsetters Magazine December 23rd 2021

Winter Retreats across Canada to Soothe the Soul

Le Carrefour de Québec November 30th 2021

Un encan virtuel pour le Monastère des Augustines

Le Soleil November 20th 2021

Des nouveautés pour s'échapper

The HauteRE Magazine November 19th 2021

Travel is all in the mind

Impact Campus July 14th 2021

Les Augustines en balado

Le Journal de Québec May 27th 2021

À la table du Cardinal

L'éclaireuse December 23rd 2020

Dormir au Monastère des Augustines

Spa Business December 10th 2020

Spa people

Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec December 4th 2020

The Augustinians archives become part of the Canada Memory of the World Register

Késia Voyage Bohème September 25th 2020

Un centre de bien-être hors de l'ordinaire

Québec Hebdo July 7th 2020

Objectif dépassé

Canadian geographic travel July 6th 2020

8 cultural highlights to discover in Québec city

La Presse June 22nd 2020

Marcher pour les soignants

Le Journal de Québec June 22nd 2020

Mouvement de compassion

June 11th 2020

The Augustinian Sisters will walk for 20 days in support of healthcare workers

The Georgetowner January 29th 2020

Quebec City to New York on Queen Mary 2

Réseau de Veille en Tourisme January 27th 2020

De l’égoportrait à la bienveillance

Véro Magazine January 21st 2020

40 choses à faire pour ses 40 ans

Optimyz Magazine January 20th 2020

Top 10 Wellness Travel spots for 2020 January 14th 2020

The Top 9 Museums in Quebec City

Chic Over 50 January 9th 2020

My Travels Through Quebec

More than Turquoise January 9th 2020


Le Journal de Montréal December 14th 2019

Le Monastère des Augustines : une nuit au couvent

Milano Eat & Drink December 9th 2019

Il Monastero delle Agostiniane a Québec City

Recommend December 4th 2019

Wellness Travel for a New Decade

In the Moment December 1st 2019

Solo Traveller

Comfort Magazine November 13th 2019

The twinkle of Quebec City October 30th 2019

Sleep : A Wellness Haven in Old Québec City October 28th 2019

Dormire in un monastero in Canada

Epulae News: Food & Wine Web Magazine October 9th 2019

Eat in the hotel: Benvenuti in Québec October 8th 2019

Québec, la storia del Canada

Turn Table Kitchen September 11th 2019

Travel Guide : Québec City & Île d'Orléans

Travel Scope Magazine September 8th 2019

Resorts, Hotels ' n' Dining

The Sun Chronicle September 6th 2019

Quebec City : Living History

Food.Diva (Instagram) July 13th 2019

Le Monastère des Augustines

Run, Fit & Fun July 11th 2019

FUN: Carnet de voyage à Québec

San Diego Union Tribune June 2nd 2019

French Foothold

Meet & Travel Mag June 1st 2019


Optimyz Magazine May 31st 2019

How to take a wellness vacation

Travel Agent Central May 5th 2019

Where Cruise Travel Is Headed Next May 1st 2019

Visit a monastery hospital museum

Meet & Travel Mag May 1st 2019


Nomad Tours Québec April 9th 2019

Top 5 hidden gems in Old Quebec

Archi branchés, Savoir média April 4th 2019

Vidéo: Le Monastère des Augustines

Savoir Média - Archi Branchés April 3rd 2019

Le Monastère des Augustines

Canal Savoir - Archi Branchés April 3rd 2019

Cohabiter avec le reste du monde

Canal Savoir - Archi Branchés April 3rd 2019

Creuser les secrets du Monastère des Augustines

Intermezzo Magazine March 30th 2019

Culture. Heritage. Holistic Health.

Le temps se fige - blog voyage, road trip & city break March 23rd 2019


The Guardian March 2nd 2019

Carnival time in Québec, Canada

EUROPEAN SPA January 31st 2019

Le Monastère’s Holistic Health Innovation Hub for collaboration

Société Histoire Canada January 30th 2019

Le patrimoine religieux transformé : ville de Québec

Health Journal January 28th 2019

Quebec City Retreat

Wellness Meets Wanderlust December 20th 2018

Treat Yourself at This Unique Quebec City Wellness Center December 11th 2018

Mes plus belles découvertes de 2018

Spa Inc. Tout pour le spa au Canada December 1st 2018

Les lauréats des Spa Awards 2018



LE SOLEIL November 9th 2018

Le défi Prendre soin amasse 28 915 $ en soutien aux proches aidants

GOOP November 7th 2018

The Quebec City Guide

UNE PORTE SUR 2 CONTINENTS November 1st 2018


OM YOGA October 31st 2018


BRIGITTE October 30th 2018

Kanada Komplett

JOANNE & TONY DIBONA September 21st 2018

Le Monastère des Augustines

SPA TRAVEL GAL September 19th 2018

5 Things To Look For In A Wellness Retreat

OPEN TO THE DIVINE August 31st 2018

Pilgrimage for Healing (Part 1 of 2) August 31st 2018

8 Wellness Retreats for Your Much-Needed Summer Solo Vacation


Visitez le monastère des Augustines cet été!

URBAN GUIDES CANADA August 31st 2018



A Rare Gem: Le Monastere des Augustines—Stay in an Ancient Monastery

MARIE CLAIRE August 30th 2018


QUEBEC EN ONE August 15th 2018

Monchi Time

La fabrique crépue July 10th 2018

5 idées de vacances en solo

Expedia June 18th 2018

Quebec City in one day

A Baby Boomer Woman's Life After 50 June 18th 2018

My First Visit To Canada’s Charming Québec City

La Presse + June 6th 2018

Arrêter. Respirer. Repartir.

The New York Times June 1st 2018

Your Next Trip Might Change Your Life

Le Huffington Post Québec April 30th 2018

Seul ou en famille, comment bien voyager ?

Best Health April 24th 2018


SPA inc. - Canada's Spa Connection April 5th 2018

What Do Clients Look for in a Wellness Retreat?

Air Canada enRoute April 5th 2018

The Big Snooze - 8 Ways Canadian Hotels Are Helping You Sleep Better

Bel Âge April 3rd 2018

Spa chez moi

Endless Vacation March 26th 2018

Feature: Quebec Moderne

Faculté de médecine de l'Université Laval March 7th 2018

Première cohorte RESPIRE au Monastère des Augustines

LA Travel Magazine March 6th 2018

Le Monastère des Augustines: The Definition of a Wellness Retreat

Sheridan Road February 1st 2018

First Class - Franco Files

Hinsdale Living February 1st 2018

First Class - Franco Files

Country February 1st 2018

First Class - Franco Files

Véronique Morel January 18th 2018


Entre deux bouchées January 15th 2018

Parlons bouffe!

La terre de chez nous December 14th 2017

La pharmacie d’autrefois exposée au grand jour

The Good Life December 14th 2017

Quebec City, Aria di Francia

Magazine Exquis December 14th 2017


Word Traveling December 8th 2017

What is a Pilgrimage?

Balance: Live Well December 8th 2017


Wander Magazine November 8th 2017

The Sweet Sounds of Silence

Travel Age West November 1st 2017

Hotel Review: Le Monastere des Augustines

National Geographic Traveler October 9th 2017

10 Must-Have Experiences in Quebec

Doctor's Review October 1st 2017

A haven in Old Quebec

Om Yoga October 1st 2017

Planet Yoga: Stories from around the weird and wonderful world of yoga

Just for Canadian Dentists September 27th 2017

Retreat Redux - Old is new in le monastère

Just for Canadian Doctors September 27th 2017

Retreat Redux - Old is new in le monastère

En Route - Air Canada September 12th 2017

Quebec City Guide

Global Wellness Summit September 11th 2017

8 Wellness Trends for 2017 - and Beyond

The Globe and Mail September 10th 2017

A getaway for looking inward

No Borders Magazine September 1st 2017


Doctor's Review August 23rd 2017

The art of reinvention

Successful Meetings August 23rd 2017

Spiritual Summits: 5 Holy Hotels for Meetings

Drifter Collective August 8th 2017

6 Wellness Retreats to Attend This Fall

Travel Market Report July 21st 2017

Five Future Luxury Travel Trends

Canadian Living June 28th 2017

Summer getaway hotel essentials

San Francisco Chronicle June 28th 2017

Quebec a Canadian haven for quirky hotels June 15th 2017

The best relaxing getaways for the solo woman traveller

Smart meetings May 1st 2017

Best places in Quebec city to hold an event

Le Journal de Québec April 30th 2017

Des vacances... à la maison!

Travel World Magazine April 7th 2017

Road trip: Boston to Quebec

Les Échos France April 7th 2017

Québec joyeuse

To Europe & Beyond April 3rd 2017

25 essential things to do in Old Quebec

Trip-tu April 2nd 2017

Dormir dans un monastère

National Geographic Traveler March 23rd 2017

Do it now: Silent retreats

Via Rail Canada March 1st 2017

Cozy up in Quebec City

A baby boomer woman's life after 50 February 21st 2017

Where Do You Want To Travel During Your Life After 50?

The New Potato February 20th 2017

The Top Wellness Destinations

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport February 15th 2017

Five Perfectly Pleasurable Places for Après-ski Pampering

Quebec City Food Tours February 3rd 2017

40 choses à faire à Québec

The Healthy Voyager January 23rd 2017

Quebec Cuisine

Le Devoir January 20th 2017

Un monastère pas austère

Entre 2 escales January 12th 2017

Québec en mode détente

Acadie nouvelle January 12th 2017

Québec en mode détente

Travel + Leisure January 6th 2017

The Ultimate R&R Experiences in Canada

Ici Radio-Canada December 29th 2016

Evan Price : Revaloriser le patrimoine

The Globe and Mail December 23rd 2016

5 great self-care experiences across Canada

Travel + Leisure December 15th 2016

Le Monastère des Augustines

US News December 15th 2016

6 Affordable Wellness Vacations

Westjet Magazine November 1st 2016

History With a Twist: Celebrating the past and looking to the future in Quebec City

Organic Spa Magazine November 1st 2016


Auszeit Kanada October 19th 2016

Québec City (in German)

Architectural Digest October 15th 2016

Revitalizarse en PAZ (in Spanish)

Noovo (V-télé) October 1st 2016

Trucs & Cie : émission du 1er octobre

National Geographic September 26th 2016

11 Blissful Escapes

Arts, humains, magie September 21st 2016

Pleine conscience dans un monastère

Multicultural Marketing Resources September 12th 2016

Planning Your Perfect French Cultural Vacation in Québec City

Wandering Voyage September 10th 2016

Staying in an old Quebec monastery

Le journal de Québec September 9th 2016

Sortie culturelle chez les Augustines

Unis TV September 9th 2016

Augustines, corps et âme

CAA Québec August 30th 2016

Quelques jours au Monastère

The Sun (UK) August 28th 2016

Reap the Peace at Monastere

Magazine Virage August 26th 2016

Voyage au coeur de soi, façon Augustines

La Vie August 25th 2016

À Québec, les habits neufs du Monastère

Working Mother August 25th 2016

Girlfriend Getaway: Québec City

Press reader August 21st 2016

A bit of 'ooh la la' in Quebec

Sydney Morning Herald August 20th 2016

More than a Sister Act

Hôtels Restaurants & Institutions August 9th 2016

Monastère des Augustines : douze mois de succès et de louanges

Voyage Voyage August 9th 2016

Les 7 merveilles de Québec

European Spa August 1st 2016

Divine wellbeing at Canadian monastery

National Geographic Traveler July 19th 2016

11 Experiences that Provide a Mental and Physical Reboot

Vitamine du jour June 30th 2016

Luncher au Monastère des Augustines

Bus & Car tourisme de groupe June 26th 2016

En version hivernale et authentique

Hero and Leander June 24th 2016

The World's Best Sacred Stays

Régal Life France June 15th 2016

L'alimentation est un chemin émotif

Nos saisons June 10th 2016

Ressourcement à proximité

Coup de pouce May 16th 2016

Une immersion en santé globale

My Weekly May 14th 2016

Canada's Magical Twin Cities

Urban Guide Quebec May 10th 2016

Quebec City Things to Do

Ici Radio-Canada April 15th 2016

Les Grands Québécois 2016

Sydney Morning Herald April 9th 2016

3-minute guide: Quebec City

wired japan April 1st 2016

Destination, Health

The Catholic Travel Guide March 9th 2016

Quebec City : Monastere des Augustines

Paradise Praises February 10th 2016

Québec City: A Winter Wonderland

Justin&Lauren January 22nd 2016

Quebec City Monastery

ckia FM January 21st 2016

Ici et Ailleurs

Virtually Yours January 21st 2016

5 Foodie Finds in Québec

Traveling Mom January 15th 2016

Francophile Family Travel Made Easier

L'actualité January 4th 2016

Mûrs pour la désintox numérique?

LE DEVOIR December 31st 2015

Destination silence

10 Things I Love about Staying at Monastère des Augustines December 21st 2015

10 Things I Love about Staying at Monastère des Augustines

December 19th 2015

No limits to lodging in 2015

Honest cooking December 18th 2015

The best bakeries of Quebec city

The travel guides to Canada December 15th 2015


Air Canada En route December 10th 2015

The 10 Hottest Travel Trends of 2015

INTÉRIEURS November 23rd 2015

Le Monastère des Augustines

Atmosphere / Air Transat November 17th 2015

Blissfully Unpluggued

METRO UK November 16th 2015

Quebec? Don't follow the crowd...

Times+ November 15th 2015

Monastic Retreat

American Spa Magazine November 1st 2015

Healing Heaven

Travel Quebec September 16th 2015

Crème de la crème

frugal first class travel August 2nd 2015

A unique experience in Quebec City

JUST BREATHE October 26th 2014

A lesson in humanity

PAX NEWS October 16th 2014

Toronto agents Discover Quebec

Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) April 11th 2014

An Escape Hatch for Newborns in the Augustine Monastery

Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph September 26th 2013

Augustinian Sisters unveil details of monastery renovation

Via Rail Canada December 31st 2011

Cozy up in Quebec City

Magazine Exquis December 31st 2011


LA Travel Magazine December 31st 2011

Le Monastère des Augustines: The Definition of a Wellness Retreat

Air Canada EnRoute December 31st 2011

8 sources de repos dans les hôtels canadiens

Speak Free Live December 31st 2011

Some Nun Fun

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