The Silence

April 9, 2019

World leaders in various sectors, who were challenged by global and sustainable health issues, gathered at the Global Wellness Summit in 2017. They identified the subject of silence as one of the eight major trends in the sector of wellness for years to come. Le Monastère des Augustines had also been mentioned in a report based on this international conference as a good example of this trend.

Silence has always been a ally with multiple benefits, including helping to slow down the body and the mind. Today, it is an obvious solution to our daily lives saturated with information and noises. Silence is quickly becoming a “lifestyle” and a “new luxury.” It would not be surprising to see initiatives in the coming years that encourage people to disconnect and allow them to experience silence.

We know, however, that while silence is an important ally for health and one of the best cures for stress, it often makes us uncomfortable because we are not used to it. It is therefore necessary to ease into silence first in order to learn to actually listen to it. People discover then that silence allows them to better understand what is happening inside of them as well as to stop, think, create and BE. They discover that silence gives them a feeling so often sought—that of peace and serenity.

What if your new goal was to explore silence? Would you be ready to discover what this treasure is trying to reveal to you?

Isabelle Duchesneau
Executive Director