The Renewal

March 21, 2019

At the beginning of spring, Isabelle Duchesneau, Executive Director of Le Monastère des Augustines, offers a reflexion on the theme of renewal!

For many, the arrival of spring is synonymous with renewal. It is as if nature invites us to do as she does, that is to say, to wake up and start anew with a different perspective, perhaps even one as to yet unexplored.

What if we tackle this year’s spring-cleaning by looking at things that seem to be mentally cluttering? Would we be willing to put them aside to make room for something new? And what if we allowed ourselves to be surprised by new activities, relationships or even new emotions that could possibly change our lives?

While spring unfolds, we invite you to be introspective, and observe the beauty and miracles that can quietly appear in your life. By freeing your mind and shifting your gaze upon other horizons, you open yourself to small and big wonders that can lead you to an unexpected flourishing.

Here are four suggestions to help carry out this spring introspection:

  • Become aware of toxic thoughts, let them go and replace them immediately with positive thoughts
  • Accept (and even learn to love) your imperfections and stop focusing on them
  • Make room for an activity that your love deeply and that really makes your feel good
  • Turn your gaze to the beauty of simple things and be grateful for them on a daily basis (a child’s laughter, a friendly hello from a stranger, a co-worker’s help, a radiant sun, etc.)

Let the renewal penetrate your life peacefully and this sweet spring become your ally in this adventure into yourself!

Isabelle Duchesneau
Executive Director