May 10, 2019

In a personal desire to improve and mature, we sometimes tend to want to correct what we consider faults. Many cultural and social factors prompt us to eliminate our weaknesses so that we become what is called “the best version of ourselves.” However, focusing on areas for improvement, we miss an essential key to growth.

What if our quest for fulfillment was through knowing our strengths and exploiting our innate talents? Leveraging your full potential, feeling in the right place, being on your “game” (as the saying goes) are important to consider too.

For some people, developing their strengths may seem easier than correcting their faults. Yet this requires self-awareness, wisdom and courage. Paradoxically, exploiting our talents can lead us out of our comfort zones; we dare to go forward towards the unknown, relying on our inner strength despite fears and doubts.

The results along the way matter little, because growth cannot not measured. Accomplishments are unique to every single individual. Furthermore, it’s not just about being successful in life—but about making your life a success!

Life has endowed us with talents, and bringing them into the forefront for both our own fulfillment and for the common good is an invaluable gift for all.  We encourage you to reveal your great beauty with confidence and pride!

Isabelle Duchesneau
Executive Director