Read, Discover, Share: La santé en toute simplicité

May 8, 2018

With the arrival of spring, we invite you to discover La santé en toute simplicité, the latest book by Imane Lahlou, our main collaborator in holistic health. The bright and sparkling with vitality book invites us to a deep reflection on the health and values that animate the meaning of our life. In a context where we are flooded with information, the author reminds us of the fundamental bases allowing us to take care of our health with ease. Recognized for her expertise in global health, Imane Lahlou offers us the knowledge, the tools and the recipes to allow us to integrate the essential pillars for the balance of our plate, the harmony of the body and the blooming of the being.

La santé en toute simplicité is a hymn to life. An invitation to be, to love and to take care of the body, the soul and the spirit.

The book is published, in french only, by Éditions Le Dauphin Blanc.