How to enjoy an affordable wellness retreat

June 26, 2024

By Le Monastère des Augustines

Self-discovery, burnout and the need to get away from technology are all factors that are prompting a growing number of people to seek out the prospect of a balanced life, including through wellness retreats that offer a gateway to well-being. And then a question comes to mind: how to enjoy an affordable wellness retreat?

Le Monastère des Augustines wishes to make its haven of peace accessible so that everyone can find the resourcing they need in a safe and caring environment, without compromising the quality or authenticity of its services. With this in mind, we would like to offer a few tips to help you create your own retreat at our establishment, at a price that’s not out of your reach.

A tailor made wellness retreat 

Le Monastère offers retreat packages that include accommodation, meals, all kinds of treatments and activities. Several retreat organizers also offer all-in-one retreats. While these retreats offer added value, they are not the only way to experience wellness at Le Monastère.

We recognize that every person has their own needs and preferences. In this sense, at Le Monastère, everyone is free to create their own retreat by choosing:

  • The room type (authentic or contemporary)
  • The number of nights
  • The time of the retreat
  • The massages and treatments
  • The complementary activities
  • The meals

This allows you to fully personalize your retreat by selecting services and activities that resonate with your aspirations.

Getting the best rates

First, planning is crucial to saving money on a wellness retreat. By booking several weeks or even months in advance, you can benefit from advantageous rates while guaranteeing a variety of choices with regard to the type of room available. We recommend the authentic room to save a little money, but also to experience an old cloister completely renovated to today’s standards of comfort.

We also suggest that to stay at Le Monastère on weekdays and during low season, i.e. spring, autumn or winter, excluding special vacations. By doing so, you will be able to save on costs while avoiding the busiest periods so you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquility of our rejuvenating environment.

Authentic rooms

These former Augustinian rooms have been converted to modern standards while retaining their charm of bygone eras.

Contemporary rooms

These rooms were built during the restoration of Le Monastère and in perfect harmony with the heritage character of the site.

Is two better than one?

For many, wellness is an experience to be enjoyed alone, and sometimes even in silence. It’s true that taking time for ourselves is an important part of our lives, and from time to time we need to experience these moments in solitude.

While this voluntary isolation is good for some, others prefer the company of a loved one.

In fact, why not share an authentic room with someone you trust, to reduce the cost of your stay per person?

It’s a different way of experiencing wellness, allowing you to spend quality time with the people you care about.

Did you say “free activities”?

Le Monastère des Augustines offers its hotel guests a variety of free activities designed to nourish the soul and soothe the spirit. From meditation to walks in its calm gardens, you have the opportunity to soak up a array of inspiring experiences without spending a dime.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try one of our heritage self-guided walking tours
  • Stroll around the 3rd floor to admire the works of art
  • Take time to read or write in the corner pavilion
  • Meditate in the vaults dating from 1695
  • In summer, soak up the sun in the square courtyard, a private area reserved for our hotel guests

Located in the heart of Old Quebec, Le Monastère is the ideal base for those looking to stretch their legs and discover the city. A contemplative walk in downtown Quebec City is the perfect complement to a rejuvenating stay at Le Monastère.

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In the quest for a more balanced life, more and more people are turning to healing retreats to meet their physical or psychological needs. By planning ahead, choosing low season and weekdays, customizing your stay and taking advantage of our free activities, you can experience a wellness retreat at Le Monastère at an affordable price. Whether solo or in the company of a loved one, our sanctuary dedicated to heritage and wellness awaits to offer you a refuge where you can recharge your batteries at a lower cost without compromising the quality or authenticity of your experience.

Finally, don’t hesitate to call on our team, who will listen to your needs and advise you in creating a stay that lives up to your expectations. Prepare yourself for an authentic wellness experience at a gentle price, in the image of Le Monastère and its caring team.