Happiness, an adventure within

July 13, 2015

Le bonheur, une aventure en soi

Regardless of our birthplace, culture or traditions, everyone wants to find happiness. Happiness is more than a feeling; it’s a state of being. It evokes love, joy, peace, health, balance and harmony. Happiness is an entire universe within ourselves! It’s a place that colours our nature and our spirit. Happiness is beyond words. It’s a garden we plant and cultivate—one that guides us on a profound level. Happiness is also coloured by the experiences that etch our lives.

An unending quest throughout the ages

Humanity has always sought to understand happiness, existence and life. These topics have been deeply explored throughout history as illustrated by philosophical writings, literary works, legends, poems and more. This quest continues today in an environment that’s changing at breakneck speed!

The past 50 years have been a turning point in history. Humans seems to have been swallowed by the wave of cutting-edge technology that now partly governs our society. There is an unparalleled whirlwind of information, visual stimulation and bloated schedules affecting everyone from children to the elderly. Is it possible to keep a sense of direction in this jungle, which demands so much attention and leads us away from the core of our being? Is this maelstrom overshadowing our desire to learn about and accept ourselves for who we truly are?

Le bonheur, une aventure en soi

What is the true meaning of happiness?

We sometimes try to find the meaning of happiness through activities, gatherings, lectures, retreats, healthy food, breathing exercises, movement and meditation.

We may journey around the world in hopes of finding the key that promises to unlock the door to peace of mind. But as Gandhi once said, “The greatest traveller is not the one who has made 10 trips around the world, but the one who did it once around himself.” Happiness is the source of our fulfilment and inner spark—an adventure that beckons us to explore the many facets of life. As we follow our life path, our experiences inevitably lead us to wonder about the true meaning of happiness. Does happiness come from professional and personal successes? Or does it come from the attitude we take towards the painful and pleasurable experiences that etch our lives?

Le bonheur, une aventure en soi

Sickness, the loss of a loved one, pain, suffering, fear, insecurity, dependency or other difficult experiences all show us that happiness is not solely contingent on what happens around us. From this perspective, the search for happiness becomes the most important journey in our lives! It’s a voyage that allows us to discover the thoughts, beliefs and ideas that structure our existence. Does our inner world reflect what inspires us deeply? Does it shape who we are? This adventure starts by unravelling our destructive and limiting beliefs, our fears and our insecurities. It starts when we choose to find love in every twist and turn we experience.

An adventure within

Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is an expression of who we are. Breathing, meditation and movement are tools to develop an intimate relationship with ourselves. They help us discover the core of our being. The meaning of our life is reflected in what we create, what we dream and what we achieve. We are tuned in to the messages and signals of our bodies and our hearts.

le bonheur, une aventure en soi
Happiness, an adventure within.

In keeping with the journey and values of the Augustinian Sisters, Le Monastère des Augustines has moved through history with great dignity. Today, it’s a welcoming space where each visitor is encouraged to experience an adventure within, putting happiness front and centre, to the extent that their growth and capacity allow. It’s an adventure where the richness of culture and heritage meet holistic health. It brings with it the colours of life, allowing us to be present with ourselves, re-energize and explore who we are. It also offers the opportunity to eat healthily and to discover treatments, tools and practices to nurture happiness. It’s an invitation to find the happiness of simply being oneself.