Group visits at Le Musée du Monastère

Take advantage of our guided group tours to discover the Augustinian heritage in a new light!

Discover together the legacy of the Augustinians

Our museum offers an overview of the lives of these women who were pioneers in the field of health care and who made their values shine in society. Our group visits are the result of the Augustinian Sisters’ desire to make their heritage accessible to all. This type of activity allows you to immerse yourself in an important part of Quebec’s history thanks to this community’s legacy, rich in artifacts and archives carefully preserved for nearly four centuries.

Who are these visits for?

  • General public
  • Adult group
  • Corporate group
  • Group with accomodation
  • School group (high school, college and university)

Guided tour with lunch

Try our museum-lunch combo, which includes a guided tour of your choice and a delicious meal served in the historic dining hall.

  • Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the tour.
  • Minimum: 15 participants.

More information

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All the tours

Tour of the Permanent Exhibition “Augustinian Sisters: Healing Body and Soul”

Length: 60 minutes
Availability: activity offered all year round.

“Augustinian Sisters: Healing Body and Soul” is an exhibition about the history of the Augustinian Sisters, their community life and their work, which bears witness to the evolution of medicine in Quebec since the 17th century.

Resolutely contemporary in its construction, the exhibition is based on museology concepts that take into account the location and the space occupied. The museography is based on contrasts that relate the apparent contradiction of the Augustinian Sisters’ way of life, made up of contemplation and action, tradition and innovation, isolation and openness to others.

The Arts at Le Monastère

Length: 60 minutes
Availability: activity offered all year round.

Discover the key artworks of Le Monastère des Augustines’ collection during this fine arts-themed guided tour.

This rich and varied collection of paintings, silverware, sculptures and hand-crafted objects features works by great masters, including Alfred Pellan. Wander through the historic wings of the restored monastery, recipient of numerous awards and citations of excellence, and immerse yourself in the spirit of the place.

Museum and Archives

Length: 75 minutes
Availability: activity offered Tuesday through Thursday

Designed to offer a unique and privileged contact with the Augustinian Sisters’ heritage, this activity combines a 45-minute guided tour of the museum followed by a 30-minute presentation of exclusive archives. During the museum tour, participants will learn about the history and heritage of the Augustinian Sisters by wandering through the oldest wings of the monastery.

Visitors will then learn about the Archives Center’s operations and mission, the role of archivists and conservation methods. Exceptional archives will also be on display, giving visitors a chance to come into contact with one of Quebec’s founding heritages.

Le Monastère’s gardens

Length: 60 minutes
Availability: activity offered from June to September, depending on weather conditions (may be cancelled due to rain).

Located in the heart of Old Québec, Le Monastère’s gardens are a unique and special place. Long inaccessible to the general public, they remain a well-kept secret and a witness to nearly 400 years of history.

Through this 60-minute guided tour, we hope to honour the rich history of these gardens and explore the relationship between the Augustinian Sisters and nature. To do so, we will first visit the square courtyard to learn about the role of botany in pharmacopoeia and the role of the apothecary. In turn, the garden of the poor will allow us to discuss gardens of subsistence, monastery supply and the evolution of the site. Finally, we will explore the recreational and rejuvenating aspect of the community garden and delve into the remnants of the tricentennial celebrated in 1939.

Useful information

Plan at least 15 minutes before the tour for coat check and fitting the audio guides.

Plan at least 30 minutes after the tour for questions and returning the audio guides.

It is important to take the season and the mobility of your participants into account so that fitting and changing time does not interfere with your tour time.

Les Voûtes may not be accessible during your visit if they have been reserved for another activity.

Plan your group visit

Don’t hesitate to contact our team. It will be our pleasure to guide you in choosing the best visit for your needs. We’ll make sure that your activity is a resounding success!

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