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Who are we?

Le Monastère des Augustines is a haven of heritage, culture and wellness. It is located in the historic wings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, from which emerged the first hospital on the continent north of Mexico. Le Monastère is a non-profit organization with charitable status.

Our mission

Institutional statement

Through its cultural and social vocation, Le Monastère des Augustines witnesses to the way of life, as well as the social and spiritual works of the Augustinian Sisters in this country. Inspired by the fervour and compassion that motivated the sisters, it continues to function as a place of welcome, hospitality, memory, rest and renewal.

Our commitment

Find renewal in the heart of history

We are committed to offering our visitors of all cultures and spiritual horizons a unique experience of journeying toward wellness and of contact with the heritage and memory of the Augustinian Sisters.

of Directors

Our Board is comprised of experienced professionals from a number of fields who have chosen to support the mission of Le Monastère des Augustines on a volunteer basis.

Diane Lavallée

Chair of the Board
Corporate Director and Management Consultant

Garry Lavoie

Vice President of the board

Cooperative Governance Consultant

Renée Gosselin

General Manager, Hôtel Manoir Victoria

Sœur Carmelle Bisson

Director, Centre Catherine-de-Saint-Augustin

Stéphanie Roy

Head of Communications, CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale

Gertrude Bourdon

Retired public servant – Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux


Our management team ensures that all activities run smoothly and respect the institution’s mission and values. The team also oversees relationships with partners, clients and staff of Le Monastère des Augustines.

« Our goal at Le Monastère des Augustines is to offer guests an experience delicately tailored to their needs and aligned with the spirit of the setting. Day after day, the work of the Augustinian Sisters guides our steps and their values of hospitality and compassion inspire us. Their vast legacy positions us to create meaningful moments that we feel privileged to be able to share with you! »

– Josée Laurence, Executive Director of Le Monastère des Augustines

Executive Direction

Josée Laurence

Strategic Development

Isabelle Duchesneau, Founding Director & Head of Strategic Development


Johanne Therrien, Director

Public Programs and Conservation

Sophie Charbonneau, Director

Social commitment

Madeleine Moreau, Strategic advisor


Caroline Maheu, Director

Finance and Accounting

Julie Germain, Director

Protection of Personal Information

Josée Laurence, Executive Director

Our brand image

Our brand image features a key symbol: the olive branch, once used by the Augustinian Sisters as a medicinal plant. The particular olive branch represented in our logo comes from the garden of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery and the herbarium, where it is preserved as one of the artefacts in the Augustinian Sisters’ collections.

The phrase “An adventure within” captures two ways of understanding Le Monastère des Augustines, which is both an adventure in itself and an invitation to visitors to live their own inner journey. And isn’t it also true that the history of the Augustinian Sisters is a great adventure in itself?