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Retreat - Spring Awake

Par Tania Carriere
Epiphany Designer et fondatrice de Advivum Journeys

Retreat - Spring Awake
  • 4 mai 2023 au
    7 mai 2023

Spring is a time of transition

It honours the recent quiet and patience of the grey winter while it launches the flirtatious energy of summer’s promise. The lengthening days and warmer winds inspire emergence and exploration.

Transition times are important times of grounding and self-acknowledgement. They are a time of both restoration and awakening. Their yin/yang nature is perfect for playing with both deep intentional nurturing and spontaneous curiosity.

Le Monastère des Augustines, a location steeped in deep healing traditions located in the heart of a vibrant, fun-loving city, gives space to be thoughtful, a chance to consider what life balance we are seeking, cradle ourselves in a commitment to self-care and connect with community.

What you will explore

  • Stop the teetering of trying to focus on too many things. Life balance needs the steadiness of knowing your Self at your centre and integrating your commitments into your whole life blend.
  • Put yourself first on your list. Create a pause in your routine, step away from your screen and everyone else’s needs and experience the sweet joy of being with your Self.
  • We forget that we too, like the seasons go through cycles of renewal. Let’s pay attention to who we wish to emerge as. Take the time to stretch, breathe and reset your energy for the joy of summer to come.
  • Spring is a time to remember how it is to flirt with possibility and promise. To discover with innocence and freedom. To delight with all your senses. To laugh and stride and play again.

Ready to rebalance and reawaken? Join us!

Notes importantes

Please note that this retreat is given in English.

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