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Le Monastère des Augustines’ team of professionals offers a wide range of services in total health. Delivered in private, within Le Monastère’s peaceful and inspiring setting, each is also available as part of our packages.

Personalized consultations

During your stay at Le Monastère, treat yourself to a personalized, one on one consultation to guide you on your path to wellness.

60 minutes
90 minutes

Holistic Health Consultation

Our holistic health consultation provides guests with an opportunity to take the essence of Le Monastère home with them. This individualized support consists of a discussion filled with information and tools that can help in moving toward better overall health and well-being.

Using a tailored approach that considers the specific needs of each person, the consulting professional will explore the themes proposed by Le Monastère for balanced overall health. This 90‑minute conversation will prolong your Le Monastère experience by making self‑care part of your everyday life after your stay.  

90 minutes



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