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Movement and Wellness Activities

Vitality Series

Vitality Series
  • Every day
  • 12h00 - 13h00

Integrate movement into your day

The Vitality series of the daily program offers a beautiful way for you to integrate movement into your day. The Monastère offers dynamic activities designed to stimulate, harmonize and tone your body at your own pace.

Please note that during the winter season, we will provide you with a locker upon you arrival so you can bring a spare pair of indoor shoes or sandals. Thank you for helping us preserve the heritage of the monastery.


Activities offered Monday to Sunday:

Hatha Yoga - Monday & Thursday

his Hatha yoga class is designed for practitioners of all levels. This session includes meditation, poses from different asana families, and ends with a relaxation period. You will be guided through the session, and will learn to focus on the proper alignment for your condition, as well as on mindfulness, and conscious breathing.

Wellness Yoga - Tuesday & Friday

The ancient wisdom of yoga combined with the language and knowledge derived from modern science. Through poses, exercises and gentle techniques, Wellness Yoga helps you understand the various systems of your body, lighting the way to holistic health.

Power Shaking - Wednesday

This simple and effective active meditation technique can help you reconnect with your physical vitality, creativity, and spontaneity. The technique helps you free yourself from physical, psychological, and emotional tension by moving dynamically to regain fluidity in your body. Free your actions, and awaken your natural intelligence for movement. 

Mid-Day Vitality - Saturday & Sunday

A joyful way to end the week! Our instructors offer a different practice every Saturday and Sunday. This fun, lively class offers fluid, dynamic movement like Yoga, Pilates or dance.


Important notes

Series open to all.

The selected activity of the day will be announced on the screen by the reception desk, or you can contact us up to 24 hours prior. 

Schedule subject to change without prior notice.

Purchase a 10-session card for $150.

Book now

To register for daily activities on an « à la carte» basis, simply purchase your ticket at 15,50$ taxes included, at Le Monastère's boutique 20 minutes before the start time.

Free for guests staying at the Monastère whose package includes the daily activities program.

Subscription, 10 activities card available at $150 taxes included. Ask for our promotion.