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Movement and Wellness Activities

Revitalize series

Revitalize series
  • Every day
  • 17h30 - 18h30

Find inspiration for peace and serenity

The Revitalize series, part of our daily program, offers a chance to find peace and inspiration within yourself. As evening falls, this is the right time to slow down and gently restore the body and spirit.

Please note that during the winter season, we will provide you with a locker upon you arrival so you can bring a spare pair of indoor shoes or sandals. Thank you for helping us preserve the heritage of the monastery.


Activities offered Monday to Sunday :

Qi Gong - Monday

The practice of Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice consisting of slow movements that promote harmonious Qi (vital energy) throughout the body. Qi Gong exercises help maintain physical and emotional equilibrium along with flexibility, mobility, proper blood circulation through the organs and tissues, while promoting correct breathing and better stress and emotional management. All this results in a multitude of benefits both for the body and the nervous system.


Tai Chi (or Tai Ji Quan) - Tuesday

« Tai ji Quand is a transcendent movement art form.” (V. Stevanovitch, “The Path Towards Tai Ji Quan”). 

Often referred to as a form of “movement meditation”, Tai Chi is a Chinese practice defined by its use of continuous slow motion, circular movements. Tai Chi’s core objective is to better the body’s QI (vital energy) flow, by improving and mastering specific breathing techniques. Practicing Tai Chi has been linked to improved flexibility (or suppleness), relaxed muscles, peacefulness, improved concentration, and a more awake state of mind. 

Yoga / Pilates - Wednesday

Benefit from the interior and breath work of Yoga and the gentle, profound postural work of Pilates. Enjoy a series of repetitive movements that involve every part of your body, followed by a relaxation period at the end of the session.

Restorative Yoga - Thursday

Restorative Yoga consists of comforting postures in which the body is completely supported by accessories like blocks, cushions and blankets for several minutes at a time. This practice calms the mind, liberates the breath, supports the immune system, regenerates the organs, improves digestion, etc. It’s an excellent way to anchor yourself in the moment, relax deeply, locate your inner peace and rebuild your energy.

Serenity - Friday

A yoga practice that combines conscious breathing with stretching and simple poses that anyone can do, Serenity Yoga releases tension and fatigue that have built up over the week. Cultivates peace and serenity while restoring the whole body.

Ultimate Relaxation - Saturday & Sunday

A focus on breathing, revitalization and meditation is designed to provide you with deep relaxation while releasing tension in your body and mind. This class offers an opportunity to care for – and enjoy – yourself over the weekend.



Important notes

Series open to all.

The selected activity of the day will be announced on the screen by the reception desk, or you can contact us up to 24 hours prior. 

Schedule subject to change without prior notice.

Purchase a 10-session card for $150.

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To register for daily activities on an « à la carte» basis, simply purchase your ticket at $15,50 taxes included, at Le Monastère's boutique 20 minutes before the start time.

Free for guests staying at the Monastère whose package includes the daily activities program.

Subscription, 10 activities card available at $150 taxes included. Ask for our promotion.