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Retreat - A Life Lived with Purpose: Rekindling Your Passion

By Dan Hines, Robyn Hines
Leadership Consultant and Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Facilitator

Retreat - A Life Lived with Purpose: Rekindling Your Passion
  • November 9, 2023 au
    November 12, 2023
  • 19h00 - 11h00

It is easy to lose our zest for life.

​We often have times when we find ourselves confused and tired of the day-to-day. We sense that something is missing: it might be clarity and a renewed sense of direction.

We want more from our lives.

This four day experience, nestled in the Old City of Quebec, is an opportunity to explore, rest, play and reorient. It is for anyone who:

  • desires a guided process for self-discovery;
  • is in the process of making a life decision and seeking inner wisdom;
  • enjoys integrating soulful self learning with yoga, meditation and body awareness;
  • values the teaching of Parker J. Palmer and the Circle of Trust lineage;
  • yearns for living with a whole heart and in greater alignment with their true self.

Important notes

Please note that this retreat is given in English.

Please be advised that the historic vaults where part of the retreat is held are not easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

For any additional information, please click here. You can also contact Dan Hines via email:

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From $57500 Per person