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Navigating Change: A Courage & Renewal® Leadership Program

By Dan Hines, Scott Simons, Robyn Hines
Leadership Consultant et Facilitator, Ecopreneur and Fouder/lead at Organik, Yoga Teacher and Facilitator

Navigating Change: A Courage & Renewal® Leadership Program
  • May 21, 2020 au
    May 24, 2020
  • 19h00 - 12h00

The pace and demands of change are daunting. Navigating in this turbulent ocean of dynamic weather and waves, we can lose track of where and we are. We can easily become lost.

A time of transition calls for wayfinding: the art of awareness, inner wisdom and courage. Whether we are facing the inevitable changes in our vocations, our relationships, in aging, or in rediscovering our identity, we can join others to gain enhanced navigational skills. We can find our way to journey toward wholeness and authentic living in the midst of ambiguity and complexity.

In this Circle of Trust® program, a safe and quiet space is provided by intentional small group practices of deep listening, evocative imagery, poetry, music, and by the art of giving and receiving open questions. These practices are informed by the work and teaching of the well-respected social thinker, educator and writer Parker J. Palmer. We will also share in embodied practices of guided meditation, yoga, breath and body work.


Important notes

The program will be facilitated in English and French.

Thursday : 19h to 21h - Opening Session
Friday : 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h30 - Sessions
Saturday : 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h30 - Sessions
Sunday : 9h to 12h - Closing Session

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$40000 Per person

Discovery and balance

The cost of the workshop ($400 per person) is included with this package.

  • Accommodation in a restored original cloister (choice of authentic or contemporary room)
  • 3 healthy meals per day at our restaurant (including service charges) - vitality breakfasts in silence
  • Access to the serie of the daily program: morning practice, meditation, yoga, walk, relaxation, etc.
  • Access to the museum and the heritage site
  • Access to common rooms for relaxation and communication


From $31154 per night,
per person,
double occupancy