authentic and originalconcept in the heart of Old Quebec

Live an unforgettable experience within the historic walls of Le Monastère des Augustines, site of the continent’s first hospital north of Mexico.

Sensitively restored and redesigned, Le Monastère offers its guests a unique experience in holistic health, along with a rare opportunity to connect directly with the Augustinian Sisters’ remarkable heritage. We welcome people of all cultures and beliefs, and are proud to operate our facilities sustainably.

The Augustinian Sisters: a heritage we share

For nearly four centuries, the Augustinian Sisters devoted themselves to caring for body and soul, while laying the foundation for our modern healthcare system.

Today, Le Monastère des Augustines keeps faith with the mission of the founding sisters.

Pioneers in

On August 1, 1639, three sisters from the Augustinian Order arrive in Quebec and eventually establish North America’s first hospital north of Mexico. The community will administer the hospital until 1962. In total, the Augustinian Sisters will found 12 hospitals that are today part of Quebec’s public healthcare system.

The Augustinian
Sisters’ values

The history of the Augustinian Sisters is a lesson in humanity. From behind their cloistered walls, these pioneering women’s values enriched society with compassion for suffering, respect for the individual, and a commitment to the healing powers of science and spirituality.

An act of faith
in the future

Confronted with their community’s decline in numbers, the Augustinian Sisters chose to pass on their precious heritage within their lifetime. To do so, they entrusted their founding monastery, as well as the collections and archives housed within their 12 monastery-hospitals, to the public.

A meaningful
social mission

Today, the Augustinian Sisters legacy lives on at the very heart of our project, through our support for people who care for others — family caregivers and companions, as well as workers and volunteers from health and social services.

Le Monastère
historic yet

A haven of peace in the heart of the city, Le Monastère des Augustines is part of the historic Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, one of the most important classified heritage sites within Old Quebec — itself a world heritage site. Respectfully restored, the original buildings blend harmoniously with the new construction’s contemporary architecture.

The site’s heritage value stems from its European architectural tradition, perimeter wall, vast garden dating to 17th century New France, and to the powerful social role it played right from the beginning.

an unforgettable stay

The transformation of the sisters’ former “cells” into experiential accommodation offers an oasis of peace that nourishes the inner life. Every detail of your visit, from the wide range of activities and services to the restaurant and boutique, is designed to enable you to fully experience the spirit of this special place.

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immerse yourself in history

Over the course of nearly four centuries, the sisters acquired a significant number of objects from their daily life, work and worship. These testaments to the past form a collection of nearly 50,000 artifacts showcased in the museum and throughout Le Monastère.

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an impressive institutional memory

The archives of the Augustinian Sisters’ 12 monastery-hospitals comprise nearly one linear kilometre of documents and old books. Through this historical treasure, researchers trace the evolution of healthcare and of Quebec society from its very origins.

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Holistic health a lively and enlivening experience

Our practices are rooted in the Augustinian Sisters’ mission and are lived out in a contemporary centre of total health.

We invite you to explore time-honoured and modern forms of care within our historic walls. Unwind and reaffirm your humanity and personhood in a place of calm and serenity.






- your emotions,
senses, potential  -


informed care supports you every step of the way


- ancient practices,
new tastes  -


a varied and healthy cuisine that promotes mindful eating


- balance, happiness,
meaning  -


personalized services offered by certified professionals


- new forms of art,
spirituality, movement  -


an abundance of programs in health, culture and heritage

Soak up

- silence, beauty,
harmony  -

Soak up

a calm environment of simple comforts that fosters relaxation

A place open to a diversity of people and needs

General public: local, national and international guests

We welcome guests from Quebec, Canada and around the world, from every culture and religion. We approach spirituality from a historical and cultural perspective. While no form of worship is offered to guests within the activities of Le Monastère, everyone is free to live their spirituality in their own personal and private way.

People working in a health care setting

We pay particular attention to the needs of nurses, psychologists, psychoeducators, doctors, social workers and other healthcare and social service professionals who need a break from their typically high intensity work pressures. Among our programs, you will find offerings that may help to nurture you professionally and personally.

Caregivers and
accompanying persons

Caregivers and companions, as well as workers and volunteers from the health and social services communities, can take advantage of lodging programs, resources and activities specially designed to give them support and respite.

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Researchers and experts

Le Monastère is an exceptional centre of research on the history of the Augustinian Sisters and on Quebec society. The Archives Center and the AtticToMuseum Reserve preserve household artifacts, documents and old books as a way of conserving knowledge and traditional practices that would otherwise be lost.

Upon request, we make these treasures available to researchers, academic experts and, in certain cases, to individuals pursuing personal research.

School groups

Our educational programs are designed for every level of learning, from primary school to university. The goal is to enhance understanding of the history and culture of Quebec and Canada.

Indeed, the Augustinian Sisters’ cultural heritage forms a bridge between our society’s past and present. By shedding light on this extraordinary heritage, we hope to enrich the lives of future generations by creating a profound and inspiring link with their history.