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Solidarity stays
for health workers

Let us take care of you!

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Do you feel tired and stressed due to your experience over the past few months? Let us take care of you!

Do you work in the health, social services, or community sector?

Have you been caring for sick or vulnerable people within the context of COVID-19?

In recognition of your commitment, Le Monastère des Augustines wishes to offer you a moment of respite based on its tradition of hospitality and designed especially for you.

For $99 per night, your stay includes:

- A personalized welcome
- Accommodation
- Three meals a day
- Access to our Movement and Wellness activities
- A visit of the Healing Body and Soul permanent exhibit
- A signature product from our boutique
- An energizing 30-minute NeuroBed session
- 20% off all treatments

*Advance registration required


*valid until December 31, 2020

*subject to availability

(418) 694-8565 x.3356 ou 3301

This solidarity offer worth over $250 is possible thanks to donations raised during the Compassion Movement initiated by the Augustinian sisters, as well as by La Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines and the Fédération des Augustines. Organizations can also benefit from this offer by booking banks of stays for their healthcare staff.


Le Monastère des Augustines is entirely dedicated to remembering the work of the Quebec Augustinian nuns’ twelve monastery hospitals, in the very location that inspired the nursing sisters. Everything that takes place here seeks to honour this memory, perpetuating it for current and future generations, and helping people understand and appreciate it by drawing inspiration from the Augustinian sisters’ values, devotion, convictions, relationship to the world, and vision of health. The project includes an important social component which is aligned with the work of the Augustinian sisters, offering respite and accommodation to natural caregivers and companions of the sick, as well as an opportunity for health workers to recharge.