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Services currently offered at Le Monastère

Services currently offered at Le Monastère

*In accordance with public health measures, please be ready to show your vaccine passport upon arrival at Le Monastère.

Preventive measures taken by Le Monastère

Please find following the preventive measures taken by Le Monastère to minimize risks inside the establishment:

  • All employees have been instructed to stay home if they show any symptoms such as a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms linked with COVID-19.
  • We promote hand hygiene by providing all the necessary supplies (60% or higher hydroalcoholic solutions, running water and soap, disposable tissues, etc.)
  • A minimal distance of 1 metre is required between people at all times (guests, employees) inside and outside the establishment.
  • Signs have been posted to remind guests of the physical distancing measures to be respected upon their arrival.
  • Please note that wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • Any unnecessary objects have been removed from common areas and rooms.
  • About accommodation assignments, a minimum delay of 48 hours is granted between stays in the same room.


Arrivals and departures:

  • A one-metre distance should be maintained with the staff at all times.
  • Cash is accepted but we recommand credit card payments.
  • The payment terminal is disinfected after each use.


Room maintenance (accommodation):

  • In order to insure your safety, rooms are cleaned according to the COVID-19 Health Safety Plan for the tourism industry.
  • Hospital-grade cleaning products and disinfectants are used.


Specialized services :

  • Our massage therapists wear procedural mask.
  • Masks are mandatory for guests laying on their backs.


Now more than ever, Le Monastère wishes to remind everyone of the importance of preventive health. Wellness and care have been at the heart of Le Monastère’s mission for nearly 400 years. Our priority remains your health.