Le Monastère des augustines - An adventure within

Walking tours

Le  Monastère has created walking tours with stations where the visitor is invited to stop and discover historical information, or to question, reflect or meditate.

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Grounded in ambulation, our walking tours invite you to delve into a reflective and introspective experience, a similar practice to the processions in the monasteries. Guests will wander throughout the monastery, stopping to observe carefully selected architectural elements and artifacts bequeathed by the Augustinian Sisters. A rich and original experience that will allow you to explore the premises from a different perspective.

These are the different walking tours available to you. You can explore them in person by purchasing a day pass here or a museum pass directly at Le Monastère. Upon your arrival, go to the front desk to get the brochure(s) outlining the walking tours you wish to explore.

An adventure within 

Introspective approach (Reserved for hotel guests)

Featuring 12 stations, this walking tour offers you a chance to reflect on various themes in your personal life that echo the heritage of the Augustinian Sisters. An adventure within is an opportunity to explore your quest for meaning and slow down to connect with yourself. 

A living heritage (ground floor) 

Historical approach (Accessible with a day pass or a museum pass)

Beautifully illustrated, this tour invites you to contemplate Le Monastère’s characteristic architectural elements. Throughout the seven stations, you will be invited to witness and feel the unique spirit of Le Monastère and the history that inhabits it. 

A living heritage (second floor) 

Historical approach (Accessible with a day pass or a museum pass)

This walking tour will take you to the floor of the old cloister. Each of its seven stations invites history buffs to discover the rich heritage of Le Monastère and the women who imbued it with life for more than three centuries. 

A benevolent heritage

Approach: culture, well-being and the quest for meaning. (Accessible with a day pass or a museum pass)

With nine stations throughout the museum, this walking tour takes you on a journey to discover the unique collections and architectural elements symbolizing benevolence, a characteristic value of the Augustinian Sisters’ legacy.