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Find the signature products of Le Monastère including the apothecary nun's herbal teas as well as the 1639 essential oil and fragrant mist. You can also obtain Le Monastère’s gift card from home!

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At Le Monastère,

We invite guests to explore the world of care from its beginnings to its most contemporary form, experience a beneficial and unique break from everyday life, and discover a nearly 380-year-old founding heritage entrusted to us by the Augustinian Sisters. Although the optimal experience takes place within the walls of this calm and serene location, we seek first and foremost to offer tools to help facilitate people’s journey towards holistic and sustainable health. Therefore, with our boutique located within Le Monastère’s walls, we wish to offer the experience of this founding place at home, and make everyday wellness inspired by the Augustinian Sisters’ values and work accessible to all.

Any surplus generated by visits to Le Monastère and its boutique sales are donated to our social mission, which allows us, among other initiatives, to offer respite stays to caregivers: dedicated individuals who care for a loved one daily.

Bringing a little piece of Le Monastère home or giving it to a loved one is a gift of wellness, but also a wonderful way of helping those who care for others. Thank you for your support!

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